Smooth actually started out as a school project, where I was obligated to develop and manage my own brand. From there on Smooth took its first babysteps into the world. After some research on screen-printing, I had found a company that was able make our very first silk-screen. Without having a carousel to print with, I constructed an improvised printing station, made out of a light workbench, a self-cut mold to print on and last but not least, 2 fire extinguishers who participated as counterweight! Months passed by and the initial school project became a side project that will hopefully become my main project one day. I will end this text with the quote we chose to represent Smooth with; “Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.”

The logo

smooth logo sketch on paper vectorised sketch lettering

Garage screenprinting

smooth screenprinting 01 smooth screenprinting 02 smooth screenprinting 03 smooth screenprinting 04 smooth screenprinting 05 smooth cropped tshirt

Smooth Clothing videos, all shot and edited by Toon Persyn

To no bad days